Registration for our recreational soccer program is now closed for the 2020 season.  If you are not participating with us this year, we hope to see you back in 2021!

Registration Information

Player registration takes place in the Spring of each calendar year.  After the registrations are completed then the applicants are separated by gender and age group.  From there they are placed on tentative teams based on the criteria used below.  If late players are accepted, they are put on rosters on an as needed basis and the above guidelines may be disregarded.  Final team placement is made by the club registrar when the roster is created.

Team Selection

Specific team placement is never guaranteed. Teams are composed through the consideration of many factors. They are primarily, but not limited to:

  • Player's age
  • Returning to previous year's team
  • Nearest public school or child's residence
  • Special Requests submitted at the time of registration
Team Names

No team name can be changed after official rosters have been handed out.  Team names are chosen prior to the beginning of the season.  No duplicate names should be used in the club.  This allows for clarification in all club information which names are used (schedules, pictures, sponsorships, etc.).

Team Rosters

Each coach shall keep with him/her an official team roster listing all active players for that season.

The following roster minimum / maximums will be considered:

  • U6 - U8        10 min / 14 max  plays 4V4 2 sided field
  • U9 - U10      10 min / 14 max  plays 7V7 
  • U11 - U12    11 min / 16 max  plays 9V9
  • U13 - U14    11 min / 20 max  plays 11v11
  • U15 - U19    11 min / 22 max  plays 11V11

No team roster will be changed without prior approval from the club registrar.  Amended rosters will be sent out to the coach (s) once a change has been authorized.  This includes, but is not limited to, any add, transfer or removal of players or coaches.

Registration FAQ's

Season Overview

You will hear from your coach in early August with your child’s team assignment and practice times/location. Practices will start in early August and the first game will be scheduled for August 29th. The season will run until Mid-November. Games are scheduled on Saturdays and with 1-3 practices per week, depending on your coaches preference.

Registration Fees

The registration fee is $125 for each player.

Returning Players

We have new registration software this year. You must create a NEW account. Once you put in your player’s information the system should recognize the player and autofill some criteria. Please VERIFY your information is correct and update where needed. 

New Players Only

You will be required to upload a copy of your player's birth certificate while registering. Please have this digital copy available before you begin. Hospital and Baptismal certificates are not accepted. It must be an official copy or passport. If you a have questions or concerns, please email:

You will be contacted by your assigned coach in late July/early August. Please be patient while we take the time to make your soccer experience the best we can. We do not have information about practice schedules as they are decided on by the individual coaches. Practice will begin in August.

New/Returning Coaches

Please fill out your mandatory annual coaching application while registering your player. You will be required to upload a current color headshot (no hats or sunglasses allowed) 

With any questions, please contact:


We have a new uniform supplier! Please go to Soccer Pro for all your uniform needs.

Soccer Pro
11726 Fair Oaks Blvd
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 962-0880


If approved for our financial aid scholarship, GBFC will waive your player’s registration fee and ask that you volunteer for the Club a minimum of 4 hours. We intend to have a variety of opportunities for you to fulfill your volunteer hours. These opportunities will include a wide range of options including field rehabilitation, equipment handout events, tournament help, etc.

You will receive an email with sign ups so you can schedule your preferred activities.  Fill out the form (link coming soon) and email it to to receive a custom coupon code to be used during online registration.


To request a registration refund fill out the online Rec Registration Refund Form.

Refunds must be submitted before August 10th in order to be accepted.

2020/2021 Age Matrix

Age Group / Birthyear

Birth date minimum 2015 and maximum 2002.

U6  - 2015

U7  - 2014

U8  - 2013

U9  - 2012

U10 - 2011

U11  - 2010

U12 - 2009

U13 - 2008

U14 - 2007

U15 - 2006

U16 - 2005

U17 - 2004

U18 - 2003

U19 - 2002