Recreational Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Coordinators (AGC’s) act as liaisons between the Granite Bay FC Board of Directors and Coaches, they support our teams and Coaches and keep the Board “in the loop” on team activities that they become involved in. They are also members of the Competitive Committee, offering guidance to the Board on matters relative to the competitive program. If you have a question relative to the club, league, coaching or just need a resource, send your AGC a note!

Age Group Coordinators

2018, Bret Batchman – [email protected]

2017, James Eowan (boys) – [email protected]

2017, Kara Vorhees (girls) – [email protected]

2016, Chris Jackson (boys) – [email protected]

2016, Karen Flanagan (girls) – [email protected]

2015, Bret Batchman (boys) – [email protected]

2015, Kristen Bruque (girls) – [email protected]

2014, Kara Vorhees (boys) – [email protected]

2014, Lindsay Kilpatrick (girls) – [email protected]

2013, Randy McCreery (boys) – [email protected]

2013, Randy McCreery (boys) – [email protected]

2012, Kara Vorhees (boys) – [email protected]

2012, Chris Jackson (girls) – [email protected]

2011, Jennifer Notley (girls) – [email protected]

2011, Debbie McGinnis (boys) – [email protected]

2010, Jennifer Notley (boys) – [email protected]

2010, Dan Redline (girls) – [email protected]

2009-2005, Jason Ehrlich (boys) – [email protected]

2009-2005, Jason Ehrlich (boys) – [email protected]

Recreational Registrar – Tricia Parkhurst

Rec Coaching Director – Kara Vorhees

Director of Rec Age Group Coordinators – Bret Batchman