Competitive Soccer Program

Over 500 players, on 30+ teams, participate in the club's competitive soccer program. Competitive teams are for boys and girls ages 8 to 18 who show interest and ability to train and play with similarly advanced players. We also have a Comp In Training program for 6-7 year olds. All teams are organized into age groups by birth year in accordance with league policy.

The competitive teams enjoy a longer training season and may play as many as three times more games as the recreational league teams. Some of the competitive teams play in the Spring League as well as in the Fall. Each teams’ skill set is matched to the appropriate level of play in either NorCal or National Premier League. All competitive teams will require light travel as far north as Redding and as far south as the Bay Area.

Tryouts for the competitive teams occur in May and/or June for the following Fall season.

Costs Overview

Below is a typical cost breakdown to play on a competitive team within our club.  We do our best to keep costs low, while teams can take advantage of sponsorship and other fundraising opportunities to help lower team/individual costs.

  • Club Registration Fee - $250
    • Includes player pass, fall league fee, fields costs, ref fees
      • Additional $50/player cost if playing in the spring.
  • Uniforms - $175 + tax
    • Varies by team, as some items are optional
    • Standard kit includes 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, and 2 socks (green & white)
    • Optional items include white shorts, practice jerseys, warm-ups, backpack, etc.
    • New uniform kits in Fall 2021
  • Trainer Fees - Varies by team
    • Typically includes 2x/week, 90 minute training sessions
    • Not required for all teams, but recommended
  • Goalkeeper Training - $0
    • Provided free of charge 1x/week from August through November
  • Other Team Fees - Varies by team
    • Determined by individual team budget
    • All teams play Fall league, but some choose to play Spring league as well
    • Depends on number of tournaments, usually at least 2
    • State Cup is optional, but many teams do participate
  • Monthly Club Dues - $0
    • Many other clubs in the area charge monthly dues, not us!

Note: CIT (Comp-In-Training) teams utilize a paid team trainer but they participate an age group up in rec leagues for better competition.

2023-24 Age Matrix

Birth Year Age Group # of Players
2015 U9 7v7
2014 U10 7v7
2013 U11 9v9
2012 U12 9v9
2011 U13 11v11
2010 U14 11v11
2009 U15 11v11
2008 U16 11v11
2007 U17 11v11
2006-05 U19 11v11