Recreational Program FAQs

Can my child play in your club if we don’t live in Granite Bay?

Yes, we have open boundaries. Players join us from the Eureka School District as well as Rocklin, Loomis and Roseville.

What is the time commitment for my child?

Soccer is August-November. Kids are asked to be at practice 1-2 days a week and at games on Saturdays.

When and where are the games?

Games are in Granite Bay or Loomis for the U6-U8 players and extend to Rocklin, Lincoln and Roseville for U9+. For U15+ teams, away games may be in the greater Sacramento area.

What uniform color do I wear for games?

Home teams will wear dark (green) color jerseys and away teams will wear light (white) color jerseys. Black shorts and black socks can be worn for both home and away games.

When and where are the practices?

Each coach submits a survey requesting dates and time slots. Generally speaking most teams choose a Monday/Wednesday slot or a Tuesday/Thursday slot. Practices can be 4:00-5:30pm or 5:30-7:00pm (teams get one early each week and one late). Once the time changes, most teams drop to 1 practice (the early slot). Practice starts in early August.

What is the cost?

Registration is approximately $150 and uniforms are about $30. Cleats, shin guards, and a ball costs vary. Hand-me down jerseys and cleats from past GBFC players work too!

Additional fees include a 3.5% credit card processing fee and a $4 GotSport Software Fee. The software fee is collected by GotSport, who runs the registration system and is standard among other clubs. For this fee, your team will have access to the GotSport Team App during the season, which provides team management, communication, and other features.

The registration fee goes up to $175 after May 15th.

What are the age brackets and can we switch if we want?

There is an age matrix that is followed nationally, as directed by US Club Soccer. A few players a year, for various reasons, ask to be moved to the next bracket up. GBFC grants some of these based on the situation, but only for U13 and older. You can not move down under any circumstances. If your player exhibits exceptional talent and is unable to mix competitively with their proper age group, you may consider having them try out for our Competitive Program or completing a Petition to Play Up form. This form will be reviewed by our Coaching staff and Board of Directors and a decision will be made based on the individual situation. These requests are granted on a very limited basis.

How and when do I sign up?

Our recreational registration process is online and is open generally from April to mid-June.

What prior experience does my child need?

Your child needs no soccer experience. However, it is helpful if they enjoy running around for extended periods and like to be outside.

Where do I buy a uniform?

Soccer Post will handle all our uniform needs.

Soccer Post
11726 Fair Oaks Blvd
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 962-0880

[email protected]


What equipment do I need and where do I buy it?

Your child will need cleats, shin guards, black soccer socks (to be worn OVER the shin guards) and a ball. Lowest total cost about $40, some cleats run much higher as quality increases.

What is the small-sided game for U6, U7 and U8?

Our areas uses a simultaneous 4v4 format for our youngest players. This nationally recognized small-sided game format is developmentally appropriate and recognized as the best way to teach youth soccer around the world. Side note: only our U6 teams are coed, all other teams are single gender.

Can I request a specific team or coach?

Please feel free to write a coach name, friend (or two), school name or other helpful info on your form. Reciprocated requests are easier to accommodate. The more information the better chance your child has to have a known buddy on the team.

Can I sponsor a team?

Yes, absolutely! We have multiple levels of sponsorship available. Each team is responsible for securing at least one sponsor!

How much playing time will my child get?

GBFC has a 50% play rule. However, eager players may be in for more than that.

When will we know what team we are on?

The coaches have a meeting in late July and players are called or emailed by August 1st.

When do we get the schedule?

You will know the game times for the first 5 games the day or so after Labor Day.

Do you give trophies?

Every team is different. Many teams choose trophies at the lower levels (Classic Impressions on Douglas is a commonly used business) while other older players prefer team shirts, plaques, posters, and/or a team party. It is up to the group.

Can I be a team parent?

Team parents make the coach’s job so much easier. We encourage every team to have one. They generally plan the trophies, team party, send emails about picture day, find a sponsor, organize a coach gift, create a snack schedule etc. Ask your coach for details.

What is the club’s heat and air quality policy?

We have put together a rec specific set of guidelines on our website, please see Heat and Air Quality Index (AQI) Guidelines for this information.