Sponsorship Program

There are three levels of sponsorship: TEAM SPONSORSTEAM PATRONS, and CLUB SPONSORS. These sponsorship programs help our club offset the ongoing costs of the soccer club – things like field rental, referee training, equipment maintenance, insurance, and our awesome discounted camps, clinics and special events. It takes committed volunteers and community support to offer Recreational and Competitive soccer to 1500+ families, and we thank each of you for your help in making Granite Bay FC a great soccer club!

Sponsors can pay only by credit card (plus transaction fee).

If you have any questions about sponsorships, you can contact Stefanie Noorani for more information.

Team Sponsor

The deadline for recruiting a TEAM SPONSOR is September 20, 2023.

Each team is required to have at least one TEAM SPONSOR for the soccer season. TEAM SPONSORS provide the bulk of funds that the club raises to hold down the cost for each family. TEAM SPONSORS are typically a parent associated with a company that is willing to help defray expenses for the club by making a $250 – tax deductible – contribution to Granite Bay FC. For each TEAM SPONSOR your team secures, your team will receive $50 to be used for trophies, an end-of-season party, team equipment, etc. If you get multiple sponsors, your team will receive 75% for each additional TEAM SPONSOR contribution of $250. Please assign a parent volunteer the job of obtaining at least one TEAM SPONSOR and completing the form/online form.

If your team cannot secure a sponsor, parents can split a $200 fee and the team will NOT receive the $50 refund.

TEAM SPONSOR honors include:

  • A team picture plaque provided by Granite Bay FC for a full $250 sponsorship
    (If the 250 is split amongst multiple sponsors, only one sponsorship plaque will be provided, please designate who should receive the plaque on the sponsorship form. Teams will cover additional plaque fees and must order on your own. If parents split the cost, no plaque will be provided)
  • A list of all TEAM SPONSORS will be posted on the Granite Bay FC website.
  • Rec. Teams Only: If your team has a banner (which isn’t required) the TEAM SPONSOR’S name may be on the banner, which can be displayed at games during the season. Teams are responsible for their own banners, if desired.

Team Patrons

Teams may recruit a TEAM PATRON. There is no requirement to have a TEAM PATRON to participate in Granite Bay FC. TEAM PATRONS help defray expenses for the team by making a tax-deductible contribution to Granite Bay FC. For each TEAM PATRONS that your team secures, your team will in turn receive 75 percent of the amount donated that can be used for practice or game jerseys (meeting Granite Bay FC requirements), paid trainers, additional equipment, and so on. Note that each team must secure a TEAM SPONSOR before TEAM PATRONS can be recruited.

TEAM PATRONS honors include:

  • A list of all TEAM PATRONS will be posted on the Granite Bay FC website.

Club Sponsors

GBFC CLUB SPONSORS are typically companies doing business in Granite Bay or the adjoining areas that can benefit from a partnering relationship with GBFC and the over 1,000 families it represents. Contributions can be made directly, or with goods or services that benefit the entire Club, not a specific team. Other CLUB SPONSORS are employers that match your direct financial or hourly contribution as a volunteer. Note that this contribution is tax deductible.

CLUB SPONSOR benefits include:

  • A list of all CLUB SPONSORS will be posted on the Granite Bay FC website.
  • Other negotiable benefits such as, but not limited to, CLUB SPONSOR’S logo and link on Granite Bay FC all year, being featured in an email to all families in the Club, having a banner hang at tryouts, having literature hand-delivered at tryouts and team meetings.

Plaques for Sponsors & Coaches

Sponsor plaques:
The club will provide a free plaque for the first sponsor of a team.  If a team has more than one sponsor, they can purchase additional plaques directly through Classic Impressions.

Coaches plaques:
If you order from classic impressions they give one free coaches plaque with a team order. They do have a deadline for that free plaque, which is usually October 8th. Each year they offer the free plaque if you get your order in by the Friday of bye week for recreational teams.

Classic Impressions Awards Etc.

[email protected]


We are very grateful to our sponsors for the 2023-2024 season. Thank you!