Heat and Air Quality Index (AQI) Guidelines

Due to playing in California, it is inevitable that our soccer teams will encounter hot temperatures and challenging AQI conditions on the practice and game fields. Ultimately, it is a parent’s decision whether or not to allow his or her son or daughter to participate in a practice or game. Soccer is a choice, and we want all the children to have fun and be safe!

As some general precautions:

  • To check the AQI, please go to www.purpleair.com, click Map, and enter Granite Bay, CA 95746.
  • AQI Guidelines:
    • 150 or worse: Practices and games are canceled.
    • 125-150: Strongly suggest practices are canceled, but at discretion of coach.
    • All other ranges: At discretion of coach.
    • Away games: At discretion of away team league officials.
  • Coaches will make sure to take multiple water breaks during games and practices and attempt to use shaded areas whenever possible.
  • During extreme heat, coaches will do the best they can to not have extensive running drills without breaks.
  • Adjustments to games will be at the discretion of the league officials operating the game – officials, etc.

Guidelines for parents and coaches for heat