Should your child "Play Up?"  Please read below for considerations.

All Players are expected to tryout for their birth year age group.

In cases of exceptional talent, the Competitive Committee will consider evaluating players who are among the TOP FIVE (5) players OF THE AGE GROUP they wish to tryout for. An e-mail must be sent to Nikki Zucker (, the Competitive Coaching Director, requesting an opportunity to tryout in an upper age group. Upon consultation with the player's previous coaches, if the player is granted the ability to tryout for an older age group, a petition must be printed and filled out (above) and scanned and e-mailed back to the Competitive Coaching Director. This process must take place PRIOR TO THE TRYOUT. Coaches, Trainers, and Competitive Coaching Steering Committee members will evaluate the player and determine whether he/she is eligible to remain with that older age group for the duration of tryouts or if he/she will be sent back to tryout for their age pure / birth year team.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as Granite Bay FC seeks to comply with USSF's age group mandate.

Age Matrix

Birth Year Age Group # of Players
2016 U6 4v4
2015 U7 4v4
2014 U8 4v4
2013 U9 7v7
2012 U10 7v7
2011 U11 9v9
2010 U12 9v9
2009 U13 11v11
2008 U14 11v11
2007 U15 11v11
2006 U16 11v11
2005 U17 11v11
2004-03 U19 11v11