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Coaching Experience

  • Licenses/Certifications
    • USSF F License
  • Current Teams/Roles
    • Head Coach U8 Boys A: PSG 15

Coaching Notes

Shadi has more than 8 years of of coaching experience, 6 of them for comp and CIT soccer at GBFC. I head coached U12, U10, and U8s for boys teams, and was an assistant coach for 4 years for GBFC 2008 boys Comp team.

I grew up with soccer being the main and most popular sport, where I played and watched others playing. I’m a father to four boys who all played and still play soccer.

I have so much love and passion to the sport, and I enjoy every moment of coaching. I focus on balancing between individual skills, and between playing as a team. With our players being this young, it’s hard to understand many aspects of the game, such as positions and positioning, and while focusing on individuals skills is essential at this age, I combine that with helping the kids understand the game and with coaching around making good decisions.

I’m very excited to continue coaching and I look forward for a great soccer season.

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Granite Bay, CA 95746