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Coaching Experience

  • Licenses/Certifications
    • USSF Grassroots 7v7 License
    • La Liga Formation Methodology Level 3
    • PCA Double Goal Certified
  • Current Teams/Roles

Coaching Notes

I have been involved in coaching for close to 15 years from High School to Clubs in the Bay Area. My family and I moved back to the area in 2019 and I began coaching my oldest son’s soccer teams and wanting to get back into coaching at the club level. I have since started going back to get further licenses and certs from the USSF in hopes of obtaining my C license in the coming years as I grow with the club.

I currently work for United Women’s Soccer as their Director of Community Engagement and Relations and am on the staff with FC Copa as their Director of Communications.

My goal for players is broken down into four areas to help develop the complete player in being technical, tactical, physical, and mentally ready to prepare at the highest level for our age group. As a team, we will participate in small group and individual skills through play each opportunity we get. As the player grows each year, experiences are shaped by the programs athletes participate in, their coaches, and the development settings.

This year is the first year for many at the Competitive level and we want to make sure we use this opportunity to create a foundation that will serve them for years to come. It is not always about wins and losses but what is learned and able to be built for the team. We will take this opportunity to begin the introduction of more advanced technical and tactical concepts and training scenarios which will progressively build over time as the athlete gets more comfortable in the program. As the season grows and we get more comfortable as a group we will progress in our training sessions to help players rise to the challenges and expectations of more competitive play.

As a cohesive community, we are looking to make sure that your child is prepared to play to the best of their abilities and can execute the learning from training and take it into the match with them. Our training philosophy is the same and we hope that each player walks away from training with the same shared experiences as others.

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